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What Sets Me Apart?...
I help Moms & Dads capture their children's sports memories... for a lifetime of reflection!

My love for photography began when my three youngest kids started their passion for sports at a young age, and I couldn't find a reasonable photographer who was willing to capture these memories.

I realized then, that I needed to start snapping photos and capture the moment... before they were gone!

I know firsthand what it means as a parent to be able to look at a photo and remember the game, that play, the score but more important than that... it builds up the child as they reflect back on what they were able to accomplish...sliding into Home, ripping a shot down the left field line, hitting that 3 pointer, blasting the puck into the top corner, and many others...

Nothing compares to Action Shots... and nothing makes a child smile more than telling that story about that game (vs) the basic generic team photo.

We've all seen it and heard it... Grandparents come over to visit... they see a new team photo on the fridge... on the wall... child says "yea, that's my team pic"... and they just kinda walk away without saying much.

Now you put a picture of them sliding into Homeplate on the fridge or wall and grandparent asks about the picture and the child just unloads a ton of info about the game, the score, how we rallied back and won, etc. etc... 

That my friend... is how you build memories of a lifetime... 

And that is what sets me apart from all the others...
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